The grotesque effect of some ancient curse, the abomination was once a human being. Turned into an unimaginable monstrosity, it now craves for human flesh and may attack the party.

May appear as an enemy while sleeping at a mission. The priest has a chance to turn into an abomination and a fight will start if you investigate.


If, for some reason, the abomination decides to follow the party instead, becoming a very useful member of the expedition, although there is a chance that they will eat your party members.

Attempting to dismiss the abomination from your party will cause him to attack, and he cannot be dismissed between expeditions.

Stats Edit

The abomination, as a party member, possesses special green combat die, where every dice is for offence, making it an excellent fighter. It also has a decent carrying capacity but does not posses any positive traits and does not level up.

lvl Dice




1 ToughnessToughnessToughnessToughness Icon - CargoIcon - CargoIcon - Cargo


Tips Edit

  • Carrying raw meat will allow the abomination to feast on that instead of a party member. Attacking wildlife to get meat is recommended. It requires 2 raw meat per feast.


  • Cannot level up and has no skills. NOT EVEN with Alexandra David-Neel.
  • The cannibalism trait cannot be removed by a shaman.
  • Can be attained using Tome Page of Abomination and sacrificing a random party member.
  • Cultist trek members may spontaneously turn into Abominations.
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