The angry natives are a kind of human enemy, usually met when the player's expedition does something to invoke the wrath of the local population.

Their party is usually composed of 3-7 warriors, scouts and shamans.

Angry natives always appear on the map fully aggro'd, and will never lose their aggro status, tracking and following the expedition continuously until encountered.

Occurrence Edit

  • Refusing to pay restitution to a group that has been following you will elicit a single attack from angry natives.
  • Stealing an Idol Statue from a village and failing the die roll (to do so stealthily) will lock the expedition out of that village, causing it to continually generate Angry Natives to attack you. Your standing will also decrease by -3.
  • Your standing falling to -10 will lock you out of all native villages and they will all continually generate Angry Natives.

Loot Edit

Defeating a party of angry natives will yield a selection of random tools, including machetes, spears and ropes. Other possible loot includes Red Mushrooms, Blue Mushrooms, Coca Leaves and Mangos, and occasionally Jewels, Horn Flutes and Native Trinkets.

Notes Edit

  • Angry natives count as free-roaming creatures, and will decrease standing by 1 if killed. They are most easily encountered by lowering standing to -10 however, making this generally irrelevant.