Explorers with the Anthropology perk can create Anthropological Studies report upon resting in native villages.


The report is created for free and can be turned in for a hefty prize of 70 Fame after the expedition, making Anthropology one of the most useful perks and allowing quick gain of large amounts of Fame. Each village during the same expedition can be used to create another report, further increasing usefulness of this perk.

The explorer Johan Huizinga begins the game with this perk.


Polyglot is a good explorer perk to pair with Anthropology, as it removes the standing cost of resting in villages.

Since the explorer with Anthropology must rest in a village to create the report, characters with Indigenous Diplomacy perk such as the Persian Translator make good companions, as you will restore more sanity when resting in villages.

Similarly, Artists make good companions for explorers with Anthropology, since they create paintings of natives when resting in villages.