Explorers with the Careerist perk have a greater chance to improve the loyalty of party members when promoting them.


The normal chance of loyalty increasing after character promotion is 25%. The Careerist perk provides a +50% chance to increasing character loyalty during promotion, raising the chance to 75%.


The most optimal hypothetical situation for the Careerist perk is if your party is consistently low on loyalty and you are able to promote your team frequently. For example, if you recruit from local villages and wish to ensure they remain in your party, or perhaps one of your party members is an alcoholic paranoid racist who is always upset, but who you really want to keep around for some reason.

The benefit Careerist has over other ways of increasing loyalty is that it is free, doesn't take up an inventory slot, and it can be done as often as you can promote a character. The downside is that it's a perk, and it isn't guaranteed to increase loyalty.