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Cave entrances leads you to dark and dank caves. Caves can only be explored safely if you have a torch.

Exploring Edit

A cave has multiple possibilities:

  • Finding the remains of an explorer and loot usable and often consumable items. This is good to just generally fill up your stock and supply.
  • Find a graveyard and loot a mummy, worth a lot of fame and funds
  • Find a deeper passage and lead you to the entrance of another cave located somewhere on the map. Excellent for just traveling a long distance and finding other explorable area, but might be dangerous since you do not know what awaits you on the other side.
  • Finding wild mushrooms.

Finding mushrooms.

  • Finding a sacred pool which can reveal important locations like the golden temple.
  • Find a gap only one party member may pass through. If you choose to send a party member in, they may not return.

Finding a failed expedition.

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