Charismatic explorers can recruit up to two companions per expedition.


After the normal opportunity to recruit new Companions at port, explorers with the Charismatic perk are offered a second opportunity to recruit.


The most obvious use for the Charismatic perk is to recruit two Companions before an expedition, which is useful after extremely unfortunate expeditions, where prepping for the next expedition means getting as much manpower as possible.

The Charismatic perk can also be likened to Polymath. Where Polymath increases the number of perk options at the end of a mission, Charismatic increases the number of Companions options. If you are looking for a specific party member for your team, such as a Cook for your British Soldier based combat team, your odds are slightly better when using Charismatic.

A more grisly reason to choose Charismatic is if you have one or more abominations in your party and you wish to keep them fed until you can get Raw Meat.


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