Members of the expedition other than the famous explorers themselves.

Human CharactersEdit

The great variety of people, of all trades and ways of life, willing to risk their own skin for the glory and splendor, that only exploring places where no civilized man has ever visited before, can bring.

They come with a set, specialized skill, related to their trade, in one way or the other benefiting the expedition as a whole. They can be leveled up, by spending the accumulated Region Points, in order to make their skill more potent, add +1 point per level to their Toughness, and eventually, upgrade one or more of their combat dice.

Special CharactersEdit

Special, named, characters, performing basically the same role as the remaining human characters, but being in some way unique.


Animals (and other unintelligent beasts), unlike people, do not level up (except when using Alexandra David-Neel and don't posses any skills. They still aid the expedition by expanding its carrying capacity or adding additional combat dice to the party's dice pool.