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"A cook who delights in making meals from unusual ingredients."

Having a cook in your party is the only way to consume raw meat thanks to their perk Culinary Finesse. The level of the cook determines the quality of the cooked meat, and thus the amount of sanity recovered. Cooks are only useful if you plan on hunting a lot of animals, as it's the only source of meat. For players that do plan on doing a lot of hunting, a cook is almost a necessity.

Despite the description, the only ingredient the cook ever uses is raw meat.

Combined with British Soldier, cook makes a perfect companion for all hunting parties, regaining large amounts of sanity with each combat, while also having useful dice pool.

Stats Edit

lvl Dice
1 Die - Green (basic) ToughnessToughness Icon - CargoIcon - Cargo Perk-CulinaryFinesse
Culinary Finesse
2 Die - Green (basic) ToughnessToughnessToughness
3 Die - Green (basic)
Die - Green (basic)
4 Die - Green (basic)
Die - Green (basic)
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