The Cosmic Indifferentism perk allows to use the Necronomicon at the half the normal cost, meaning it now reduces sanity only by - 35 instead of 70 and always yields at least one spell. On the other hand, it also reduces maximum sanity to 70.

The only way to obtain this perk is to play as H. P. Lovecraft, who begins the game with it.

Benefit Edit

Using the Necronomicon is usually a very gimmicky deal. Cosmic Indefferentism allows you to actually try and incorporate its use into a feasible strategy, since some of the tome pages are very powerful.

Tips Edit

Use at camp sites, stone overhangs and healing springs to recover sanity after getting the pages. Just be aware that the fame reduction for not finishing the expedition faster than the other explorers is pretty severe, so do not overuse.


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