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"A perfectly normal person with special interests. Will not try to conspire against you."

A strange character that gives a sanity bonus when consuming coca leaves (+5 per level?). Visiting a mission has a random chance of causing the cultist to leave the party and stay with the missionary. May, without warning, transform into an abomination!

Despite being "experts" with Coca Leaves, they are not immune to their side effects. Cultists Toughness is also one of the lowest possible.

Stats Edit

lvl Dice Toughness
1 Die - Red (basic) Toughness Icon - CargoIcon - Cargo
2 Die - Red (basic) ToughnessToughness
3 Die - Red (basic)

Die - Red (basic)

4 Die - Red (basic)

Die - Red (basic)

Die - Red (basic)

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