Historical ContextEdit

Frederick Courteney Selous portrait
Frederick Courtney Selous DSO (31 December 1851 – 4 January 1917) was a British explorer, officer, hunter, and conservationist, famous for his exploits in Southeast Africa.


Gameplay Edit

One of the best explorers for hunting parties, if not the best one. Selous starts with Hunting Rifle and a Cook and the only thing he needs is a companion coming with upgraded blue die to perform Masterful Shot combo with the rifle. His perk helps greatly in first expedition and makes any further one into a well-balanced region much easier when combined with stock of machetes.

Another of his items, Camp site, allows for emergency camping in any place, and after Alpha update 30 ("Welcome Home"), the Camp site can now be folded back after being placed, in order to be used again, as many times as the player wants.


How to Unlock Edit

Confront a tiger (on Normal difficulty) to unlock this character.


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