The Fresh Air Fanatic perk increases the sanity gain when resting in the open. Normally each day of resting provides 8 points of sanity, totalling at 40. The perk change the value to 13, for grand total of 65, or 25 more sanity than normally.

Benefits Edit

The perk applies when resting in following locations: Camp Site, Waterfall, Stone Overhang, Oasis and Healing Springs. You are now much less depandant on resting in villages, which lets you maintain your good standing with the natives. Also increases the chance of coming in 1st at the end of the expedition and gaining more fame by reducing the amount of days you need to rest.

Tips Edit

Really shines if you also have the occult visions perk which lets you see all of the stone circles on the map, and then use those to reveal all camp sites. In the same spirit, having a Bedouin to reveal oases is useful, or having the eagle eye perk combined with binoculars.


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