A Tortoise is an animal companion. It has high toughness, caries lots of cargo, and has some useful combat dice.

Inside an Elephant Graveyard, sometimes the player can find a mysterious egg. After the player takes that egg and a few days past, a baby tortoise emerges. Later, the baby tortoise grows up and transforms itself into a giant tortoise. Then, the player must decide between to free the tortoise or to turn it to a companion of the expedition.

Stats Edit

lvl Dice Toughness
Only if mounted Tortoise-1 12 Icon - CargoIcon - CargoIcon - CargoIcon - Cargo
2 15
3 18
4 21


People Standard Animal HandlerArtistBedouinBritish SoldierCookCultistMissionaryParsi TraderPersian TranslatorSailorScottish SoldierMountain TrooperNative ScoutShamanNative Warrior
Special LizardmanTim TimsterDiplomat James SterlingFormer AdventurerYeti
Animals Mount DonkeyWater BuffaloCamelGiant TortoiseChasmosaurusRaptorParasaurolophusPolar Bear
Combat AbominationHunting DogHyenaLuisGorillaWhite TigerHusky

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