Hex - Unknown
The player has two view distances: regular and far sight. All locations in regular distance are directly revealed on the map. Locations that are in the far range, will reveal their terrain type, but locations in these areas will be shown as question marks instead of their actual symbol. Only when the player travels closer will the actual type be revealed.

Its possible to guess the location type from the tiles surrounding it, even while its still shown as question mark.

Revealing locations also increases the region bar of that area. Every three locations discovered will give the player an exploration point, which can be used to level up units.

Any location can be explored if the party is standing on its hex or any hex directly next to it.

Location Types Edit

Tile Name Possible Localizations
Hex - Cave Cave Entrance Mountains
Hex - Cenote Cenote Thick Jungle
Hex - Elephant Graveyard Elephant Graveyard Swamps
Hex - Healing Springs Healing Springs Hills
Hex - Bedouin Village Village (Desert) Desert
Hex - Village 2 Village (Dry lands) Dry lands
Hex - Village 1 Village (Grassland) Grasslands
Hex - Village 3 Village (Water) Shallow Water
Hex - Lizard Village Lizard Village
Hex - Mission Mission Grasslands
Hex - Camp Old Camp Near Water (Dry lands, Grasslands)
Hex - Shaman Hut Shaman Hut Swamps
Hex - Shrine Hill Shrine (Hill) Hills
Hex - Shrine Jungle Shrine (Jungle) Jungle, Thick Jungle
Hex - Shrine Thick Jungle Shrine (Thick Jungle) Thick Jungle, Thick Drylands Jungle
Hex - Slaver Camp Slaver Camp Grasslands
Hex - Stone Circle Stone Circle Jungle, Thick Jungle, Thick Drylands Jungle
Hex - Stone Overhang Stone Overhang Dry lands
Hex - Stone Statue Stone Statue Dry lands, Grasslands
Hex - Tomb Tomb Desert
Hex - Caravan Trading Caravan Dry lands, Grasslands
Hex - Waterfall Waterfall Mountains
Hex - Camp Site Camp Site
Hex - Oasis Oasis Desert
Hex - Raptor Nest Raptor Nest
Hex - Temple Temple Mountains
Hex - Ship Ship Ocean
Hex - Shipwreck Shipwreck Thick Jungle

Special LocationsEdit

Tile Name Possible Localizations
Golden Pyramid Golden Pyramid Desert, Thick Jungle
Hex - Alter Altar Jungle
Hex - Portal Portal
Hex - Golden Seal Golden Seal Hills
Hex - Spider Den Giant Spider Den Mountains

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