Lieutenant Konrad is a deserter from the British Army, hiding among the population of some remote native village. The player, upon accepting the quest Find Deserter, while in harbor, will be tasked with bringing him back.

Upon discovery, Konrad refuses to come back peacefully, and attacks the expedition party instead, leaving the player with no other option but to fight and kill him. His death will be celebrated by the natives and the standing in the region will improve in 2 points.

Konrad, unlike other enemies, does not roam the map and can only be met via the related encounter.


Die - Red (upgraded)
Die - Red (upgraded)
Die - Green (upgraded)

Loot Edit

Upon killing him, player will be able to take his military insignia as a proof of his demise. Returning it to harbor will result in the military rewarding player with a stack of random equipment.


Both the story and the name of that NPC are most likely references to the 1899 book by Joseph Conrad, titled "Heart of Darkness", and its 1979 movie adaptation, "Apocalypse Now".