Luis is a scouting dog that can only be aquired by hiring his companion character, Tim Timster. Luis possesses the perk Extra Character which means he does not take up a character slot in your expedition.


lvl Dice Toughness
1 Luis-Die1-01 8
2 Luis-Die1-02 11
3 Luis-Die1-03
4 Luis-Die1-03

Notes Edit

  • Can only level up when in the party of Alexandra David-Neel.
  • Luis is one of the few animals whose combat dice can combine with others.
  • Tim Timster and Luis can be dismissed separately, meaning the player may remove Tim Timster from the expedition without losing Luis. However, only one Luis can be present in the party.

Trivia Edit

  • Based on Snowy, an animal character from the comics of Tintin, created by the Belgian author Hergé.
Tintin and snowy

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