Provides a resting spot which allows the party to regain 30 sanity in a single night. The mission may require payment of 30 value to allow the party to rest, though the presence of a missionary in the party prevents this.

The mission may tell native characters in the party that they are unwelcome, triggering paranoia in the affected character.

The player may also trade with the mission and may deposit up to three items at the mission which will be automatically transported back to the civilized world.

Values Whisky and Canned Food highly.

Items for sale include First Aid Kit, Dynamite, Colorful Marbles.

Very rarely will staying in the mission your party will hear strange noises coming from outside. Choosing to investigate will reveal that the missionary has become an Abomination and he will attack the party. Whether you investigate or not, [all items you have stored at this mission will be forever lost(to be confirmed)]

Can usually be found surrounded by multiple bodies of water.

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