"The spiritual and moral backbone of the trek."

The missionary's main use is to increase the maximum sanity of the party by 10 per level. Their poor dice progression, and low toughness, make missionaries not recommended for hunting parties.

Missionaries also allow you to rest at a mission for free due to Spiritual Solidarity perk.

Stats Edit

lvl Dice Toughness
1 Die - Green (basic) 4 Icon - Cargo
Strong Mind Icon
2 Die - Green (basic)
3 Die - Green (basic)
4 Die - Green (basic)
5 Die - Green (basic)
6 Die - Green (basic)
People Standard Animal HandlerArtistBedouinBritish SoldierCookCultistMissionaryParsi TraderPersian TranslatorSailorScottish SoldierNative ScoutShamanNative Warrior
Special LizardmanTim TimsterDiplomat James SterlingFormer Adventurer
Animals Mount DonkeyWater BuffaloCamelGiant TortoiseChasmosaurusRaptorParasaurolophus
Combat AbominationHunting DogHyenaLuisGorillaWhite Tiger

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