Paintings are special items created by an Artist and may be sold for funds or donated for fame. To create a painting, the artist needs an Empty Canvas.

There are various painting qualities based on the level of the artist:

  • Artist lvl 1: Simple. 10 fame/5 funds.
  • Artist lvl 2: Well crafted. 20 fame/10 funds.
  • Artist lvl 3: Precious. 40 fame/20 funds.
  • Artist lvl 4: Masterful. 60 fame/40 funds. (20 fame/20 funds) (shrine/landscape).

All paintings are stacked in the same inventory slot in the Painting Collection.

Paintings can be divided too into different types depending on what is represented into the drawing:

Landscape Painting Icon
Landscape Painting
These can be painted by resting in waterfalls, healing springs or stone overhangs.
Native Painting Icon
Native Painting
They can be painted by resting in native villages. These are very good trading items with the natives, but keep in mind that they don't distinguish between simple and masterful paintings, so don't offer paintings that will be more valuable back to London.
Shrine Painting Icon
Painting of a Shrine
These can be painted by visiting (not necessarily entering) a shrine.


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