Parsi Trader

"A wandering merchant of the Orient."

A Parsi Trader is a possible member of the expedition, whose abilities lie in improving the trading of the player.

Their primary ability, Haggle, adds a negative-cost "item" to the target inventories of trading, effectively giving free money on the first trading interaction with that entity. The value of this "item" depends on the level of the trader.

Stats Edit

lvl Dice Toughness Cargo Perk
1 Die - Red (basic) 4 Icon - CargoIcon - Cargo Perk-Haggle
2 Die - Red (basic) 7
3 Die - Red (basic) 10
4 Die - Red (basic)
Die - Red (basic)
5 Die - Red (basic)
Die - Red (basic)

Notes Edit

People Standard Animal HandlerArtistBedouinBritish SoldierCookCultistMissionaryParsi TraderPersian TranslatorSailorScottish SoldierNative ScoutShamanNative Warrior
Special LizardmanTim TimsterDiplomat James SterlingFormer Adventurer
Animals Mount DonkeyWater BuffaloCamelGiant TortoiseChasmosaurusRaptorParasaurolophus
Combat AbominationHunting DogHyenaLuisGorillaWhite Tiger

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