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Persian Translators grant you more sanity by resting at villages. They do not reduce the cost for resting, so their use is somewhat limited in that regard. They will also count as you having the Indigenous Diplomacy perk, and thus let you rest in villages and communicate with natives in certain random events. They also allow you to understand what any Natives in your party are saying.

Stats Edit

lvl Dice Toughness Perk
1 Die - Blue (basic) 4 Icon - Cargo

Indigenous Diplomacy
2 Die - Blue (basic) 7

Die - Blue (basic)
Die - Blue (basic)


Die - Blue (upgraded)
Die - Blue (basic)

People Standard Animal HandlerArtistBedouinBritish SoldierCookCultistMissionaryParsi TraderPersian TranslatorSailorScottish SoldierNative ScoutShamanNative Warrior
Special LizardmanTim TimsterDiplomat James SterlingFormer Adventurer
Animals Mount DonkeyWater BuffaloCamelGiant TortoiseChasmosaurusRaptorParasaurolophus
Combat AbominationHunting DogHyenaLuisGorillaWhite Tiger

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