A variety of types of meat, prepared by the expedition's cook (by clicking on it in the inventory bar). Serve as an addition to the standard rations, adding a new flavor to the bland explorer's diet, replenishing the overall sanity of the group by a small amount, when eaten.

All meat spoils after the expedition is over, so it cannot be sold for fame or funds.

Variations Edit

Effects may vary, depending on the cook's skill.

Charcoaled Animal Meat Icon
Charcoaled Animal Meat "As close to being inedible as meat can possibly be. Restores sanity" Meat prepared by a level 1 cook. Restores 2 Sanity points upon consumption.
Burned Animal Meat Icon
Burned Animal Meat "Meat that has been burned to a crisp. Restores sanity" Meat prepared by a level 2 cook. Restores 5 Sanity points upon consumption.
Overcooked Animal Meat Icon
Overcooked Animal Meat "A piece of overcooked animal meat. Restores sanity" Meat prepared by a level 3 cook. Restores 10 Sanity points upon consumption.
Cooked Animal Meat Icon
Cooked Animal Meat "A perfectly cooked steak. Restores sanity" Meat prepared by a level 4 cook. Restores 15 Sanity points upon consumption.



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