Quests so far:

Find the scientist's box: (treasure hunt)

Find Konrad (Go to a village and kill him)

Kill Snarfrattle (Kill the Snarfrattle that wanders around the expedition)

Find and leave the pyramid in 80 days.

Find the idol stature in a village and steal it (You can steal the idol in a previous round, and store it and wait for the quest to appear).

(Maybe arctic only) Lay claim to the land, place 4 flags in pre-determined spots on the map that you have to travel over the tile to plant.

First quests (quests that always appear in the first expedition and give you vision to a village):

Deliver a message to a village.

Find a loved one and escort them back to London.

Escort a missionary to a village.

Note: These first quests always give you 2 standing, so enough to recruit 1 member from the village. Natives will require a dice check on blue-brain for them to stay in the party, but animals always stay with you past the current expedition.

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