Some secret explorers have access to unusual perks, powerful items, or stronger than usual companions.

How to input codes:Edit

  1. Go to options menu (the settings symbol at the top left)
  2. Enter the secret explorer's code (don't click on anything, just type it!)

Secret Explorers:Edit

You can only have one code enabled at any time.

Portrait Code Name Notes
Portrait-0048-Kai 0048 Kai
Portrait-0101-Christophorus Amiculus 0101 Christophorus Amiculus
Portrait-0509-Loki Texilake 0509 Loki Texilake Unique gun.
Portrait-0607-Riad Djemili 0607 Riad Djemili Game Developer
Portrait-0709-Zacharias Zour 0709 Zacharias Zour
Portrait-0713-Robert 0713 Robert
Portrait-1192-Matthew Hadley 1192 Matthew Hadley
Portrait-1234-Johannes Kristmann 1234 Johannes Kristmann Game Developer
Portrait-1401-Sir Chorge 1401 Sir Chorge
Portrait-1523-Frieherr Von Gehlsdorf 1523 Frieherr Von Gehlsdorf
Portrait-1633-Hercule Boumba 1633 Hercule Boumba
Portrait-1871-Fabian Aleksandar Scherschel 1871 Fabian Aleksandar Scherschel
Portrait-1941-Lawrence Talbodd 1941 Lawrence Talbodd
Portrait-1946-Alison Zawacki 1946 Alison Zawacki
Portrait-1977-Gregor Onkh 1977 Gregor Onkh
Portrait-1987-Dingir Bhaak 1987 Dingir Bhaak
Portrait-1988-Rami Ismail 1988 Rami Ismail Game Developer
Portrait-1989-Felix Kjellberg 1989 Felix Kjellberg Pewdiepie, YouTube personality. Unique party member.
Portrait-2543-ES Goffterding 2543 E.S. Goffterding
Portrait-2559-Duke Lietu 2559 Duke Lietu
Portrait-2686-GK Norman 2686 G.K. Norman
Portrait-3008-Baron Victor Von Paragon 3008 Baron Victor Von Paragon
Portrait-4321-Blitz Kriegsler 4321 Blitz Kriegsler YouTube personality
Portrait-4488-Megan Carnes 4488 Megan Carnes
Portrait-5543-Fridericus Schneider 5543 Fridericus Schneider
Portrait-6731-David Brender 6731 David Brender
Portrait-7112-Sir Deddlee Endeavour 7112 Sir Deddlee Endeavour
Portrait-7321-Reddick Campbell 7321 Reddick Campbell
Portrait-7348-Allison Otting 7348 Allison Otting Unique party member (Buckwheat).
Portrait-8038-Austin Walker 8038 Austin Walker
Portrait-8150-Dimir 8150 Dimir
Portrait-8643-Olivia White 8643 Olivia White
Portrait-8879-Gloegg 8879 Gloegg
Portrait-9137-Tim Belli 9137 Tim Belli
Portrait-9192-Rafal Sokulski 9192 Rafal Sokulski

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