At a slaver camp, the player may:

  • Inspect slaves (selecting from: native scout, native warrior, native shaman or animal handler): Choosing this action will cost -2 Standing. Purchasing a slave will cost an additional -5 Standing.
  • Sell unit: the player may choose a party member to sell.
  • Barter for items: Often multiple signature weapons
  • Attack the slaver camp: This action will pit the trek in a fight against a slave master, 2-3 assistants, and a hyena. Winning the battle will reward the player varying loot and potentially a native, raise their standing by +5, set the camp on fire, and cause any slaver camps in future expeditions to automatically go hostile.

If player plans to attack the camp, it is advised to barter with slavers first - they might carry some very useful items that aren't guaranteed to be lootable after the fight.

Due to the trading of weapons, it is very good for hunting parties.

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