How well your trek is perceived by the native inhabitants of this land. Allow it to get too low and they may act with hostility towards you.

Effects of Standing

Standing Effect
+8 May get option to join village life

permanently while resting in a village.

Chance increases with higher standing.

+2 Can recruit from villages.
0 Can rest in villages for free.
-1 May get "Followed" ailment. Chance

increases with lower standing.

-2 Villages may demand payment before

letting you visit. Chance increases with

lower standing.

-10 Angry Natives continually attack.

Villages can no longer be used.

An explorer's standing reflects their reputation in a region. It greatly impacts an explorer's dealings with the locals. Standing can range from -10 to +10.

Increasing StandingEdit

Decreasing StandingEdit

  • (-1) Winning a fight against any free-roaming creature.
  • (-1) Using dynamite outside of combat
  • (-1) Refusing a hug, refusing a bowl of meat, or refusing or failing to take part in maturation rituals while resting in a village.
  • (-1) Incidents caused by kleptomaniac, paranoid, or racist companions while resting in villages.
  • (-1) Stealing the idol statue with a successful roll.
  • (-2) Resting in a native village without the Polyglot perk.
  • (-2) Leaving a village while a marriage ceremony in ongoing.
  • (-3) Looting a statue.
  • (-2) Inspecting the slaves of a slaver.
  • (-3) Trading with a slaver.
  • (-3) Looting a shrine.
  • (-3) Stealing the idol statue with a failed roll.