The world map consists of hexes of different terrain. Hovering over the terrain will reveal which type it is. Each time you move on the world map, it will cost you a base amount of sanity as well as a cost for each hex you move through, which varies depending on the terrain type of those hexes. Items and perks can reduce the cost of travel, and can stack for powerful reductions in sanity loss.

The base movement cost for each Journey is 5, with the Impetus perk this is reduced to 4.

Following is a table showing sanity loss for different terrain types.

Terrain Movement Cost With Item With Perk With Item and Perk Item Type
Grass lands Grass lands 1
Bushes Bushes 1
Light jungle Light Jungle 2
Thick jungle Thick Jungle 8 3 4 1 Machete
Shallow river Shallow River 4 1
Swamps Swamps 10 4 1 Rope
Hills Hills 15 7 8 1 Climbing Gear
Dry lands Dry lands 1
Stone forest Stone Forest 3
Stone forrest desert Stone Forest (Desert) 4
Cactus forest Cactus Forest 3
Desert Desert 10 5 6 1 Water
Suphlur Lake (shallow) Sulfur Lake (Shallow) 4
Suphlur Swamp Sulfur Swamp 10(?) 4 7(?) 1 Rope
Mushroom Forest Giant Mushrooms 2
Giant skeleton Giant Skeleton
Beach Beach 1
Scorched Earth Scorched Earth 3
Impassible Terrain
Suphlur Lake Sulfur Lake
Pit Bottomless Pit
Moutain Mountain
Magnetic moutain Magnetic Mountain
Inactive volcano Inactive Volcano
Inactive geysir Inactive Geysir
Active Volcano

Items and Perks Edit

Following are terrains and their corresponding items or perks:

Terrain Item Perk
Thick Jungle Machete Jungle Explorer
Shallow River Waterproof
Swamp Rope Waterproof
Sulfur Swamp Rope Waterproof(?)
Hills Climbing Gear Climber
Desert Water Desert Explorer