"A page that was ripped from an ancient tome. It is written in unearthly, alien letters, but for some reason you know you can read it."

The tome pages are parts of ancient spellbooks of some sorts. While written in an unknown tongue, they are still clear for the expedition's scientist to read, for some mystical reason. Reading them causes miraclous changes to the world around, but wastes the pages in the process.

They serve, essentially, as a one-use spell scrolls, allowing players to benefit from the ancient powers written upon them. Each page can be used once.

Tome Pages have a value of 10, +100% at Shaman Huts and take no inventory space

Sources: Shaman Hut, Necronomicon, Shrine, events...

Tome Page TypesEdit

Category Color Name Effects
Terrain of Dry Lands Creates a sandstorm at the players current tile that spreads out into all directions and turns tiles into their deserted versions (does not affect mountains). This happens over time like fires and will cease after changing an area of about ten tiles in diameter.
Terrain of Hill Creation Changes the targeted hex to hills.
of Mountain Creation Changes the targeted hex to mountain.
Other of Eagle Scout Reveals the targeted zone of 5 hex diameter.
of Extended Vision Grants you extended view, and works through mountains
of Effortless Movement Your next move costs zero Sanity.

This move may be interrupted by combat.

Terrain of Fertile Lands Changes the areas next to the player into grass lands.
Other of Fire Starts a fire.
Movement of Targeted Teleportation Teleport you directly the the chosen tile.
of Random Teleportation Moves the expedition to a random location.
of Abomination Randomly changes one of your companions into an abomination.
of Water Drain Dries an area of up to 7 lake hexes
Terrain of Lake Creation Changes randomly the areas next to the targeted hexes into water lakes.
of Portal Traversal Creates a portal at your location.
of Springs Creation Creates a Healing Springs (along with the surrounding hill tiles) nearby for you to rest at and heal your wounds.

Caution: it will not necessarily be created very close.

of Waterfall Creation Creates a Waterfall for you to rest at.
of Chasm Changes randomly the areas next to the targeted hexes into bottomless pits. The targeted area have three hexes of radius and have a range of ten hexes away from the current position of the trek.
of World Creation Recreates the map.
Movement of Homebound Returns the explorer to their ship. Does not end the expedition. Does not function inside portals - only refocuses camera on the portal back to the main map.
Other of Wisdom Gives 1 Exploration Point.
Other of Monster Den Creation Creates a Giant Spider Den (unverified)
Other of Unholy Travels Teleports the exploration party to a portal world that is corrupted. Giant Spiders, Abominations and Zombie Pygmys infest this land. There is a portal to the main map, but no countdown of days like other portals.