Native villages can be found in various terrain types. They are the target of several quests; the party can rest there to regain sanity; additional party members may be recruited there; and it is possible to trade for various items as well. A beast master could potentially be found in a native village, being able to trade animal teeth in exchange for various creates to add to your trek.

Villages are usually located next to a Shallow River with Hills or Mountains or Forests surrounding it. If a point of interest is near a River, then that is not as likely to be a village.

Villages can be empty, e.g. when looting a Shrine with heads on sticks. All interactions in an empty village are disabled, so you are not able to trade or rest.


  • If you have pelts and the village is selling animal teeth, it is usually a good idea to trade in your pelts for the teeth, since animal teeth have no weight, and they end of being worth the same at the trader.
  • Don't click Recruit until you have at least 2 standing, as even if nobody wants to come you won't be able to click it again.

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