The World Map is where players can choose where their explorers will embark on their next expedition.

Expeditions Edit

Players may generally choose from 2-3 world locations to travel to for their next expedition from their home base in Great Britain. These world locations are randomly chosen and span the globe, from Central and South America to Africa and the Middle East, and from Central and South Asia to the Arctic Circle. Biomes correspond to the geographical location.

Biomes Edit

Each world location will have a biome indicated. The first Expedition will always be a choice between a Drylands and Jungle biome. Arctic and Desert begin appearing after Expedition 2. Expedition 6 will always be to a single Prehistoric biome. In addition to the choices available to the player, the locations that the player's rivals will be travelling to are also indicated.

Locations Edit

In addition to indicating a world location's biome, certain notable locations will be indicated, visible when the location is hovered over with the mouse, along with how many will be found.

These locations are:

Notes Edit

  • Freya Stark is a notable exception to the rules on what biomes are available, as she will always have at least one Desert biome to choose from, including for the first and last Expeditions.